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Well, it's been quite a journey. Don't let me fool you, I'm still going. But only after a little pit stop to my home town Stockton, California. I guess i'm finished in Utah...for now. Hopefully I'll return to this beautiful valley. I love seeing the mountains no matter where I look.
All of the ups and downs of the Rocky Mountain Terrain are quite the metaphor for what its been like for me out here. Happy and sad times. Easy and tough times. And then all the friends and loved ones gained and lost. Hopefully not lost forever. Those who are gone temporarily will always be in my heart. For whatever reason, we have parted ways, I still love you!
I've learned a lot about myself. A lot of my likes and dislikes. Things that I'm good at and things I should never try. The kind of people that are best for me, and the worst. And those that meet both.
My roommates: Samantha, Anna, Nikki, Charidi, and Krista. Wow!
My friends: Z, James, Levi, Brandon, Johnny, Terry, Terri (my stock-town bruthah), and Jason. Of course Jenny, Doug and Shaela. Brian, Spencer (i'll never forget that night...lol), Wes and his RockBand set up. And Everyone from PG.
My family: Brittany and Trevor. Dad and the fam. Vanessa and the boys. Krys, Billy, Errin, Jason, and all the kids. Triple G and Grandpa Mikie. And of course my Joshy!
It's definitely been quite a journey. You have all taught me things I never thought i'd learn.
Ill be in the 9X until further notice. So if you're ever stopping by or passing through please come see me.
Right now i've gotta finish packing. After all, my train leaves at midnight. Yes, a train. I know, very poetic of me.
Love you!

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