YIPPEE SKIPPY - Two for tomorrow

Allright everybody...I got a sale today!!!! It was only a sub and I gave away all ten points but what the heck...I got a sale. I have two appointments for tomorrow too! Now Mark says that appointments are a waste of time, but Amy says she usually does well with appointments. Granted, I had an appointment today that DID NOT GO WELL!!! But i'm pretty confident that at least one of these will go through. Chris was pretty interested and he was telling me about his system with ADT that he no longer has monitored. He turned it off because of the monitoring cost so I was pretty confident in telling him what ours was (i.e. cheaper than theirs). That got him even more interested. So he asked me to come back tomorrow. I'll be there at 330. Then I talked to Suzie. She was totally interested but her husband wasn't home and she wanted to run it by him first. That kinda bummed me cause those never go well. I left her with my number and yadda-yadda. She wouldn't call back...except then I was on the way home and my phone rang and lo and behold...IT WAS SUZIE!!! She asked me to come by tomorrow and talk it over with her and her husband. So i'll be there at 5. Yessss!!!! Crossy fingers I get both!

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