I'm doing it!

I'm actually selling. It feels great, by they way, to actually be pretty good at what you're doing.

I'm 15 on the Top First Year Reps list for the Region! That's out of 40 reps I think....well i'm tied with like...15 people but..still! My name is on the list! That's all i'm asking for. Now I just gotta be on the list for the whole company. And not just Top First Year Rep....TOP REP. I know I can do it....just gotta work at it. And I definitely plan on it.

If you're reading this you know how my day went. Micah was a sweet kid. We'll miss him. Our first half of the day tomorrow, all of our sales and installs, we are donating the money to a charity for Micah's family. I don't care if I sell the rest of the day but I at least want 2 for him. It's going to be tough but I know I can do it. Espacially for someone else. I'm better at doing things for other people, than I am at doing things for myself. It's a curse. But i'm working on it. Haha, not that its bad to help other people, but I do need to leard to help myself first.

Love ya!

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