That time I forgot how to blog...

Well hello! It has been quite some time has it not?
I'm not sure what happened or where i've been, but here I am! Let me tell you the important things.
I now live in Rohnert Park, California with my sister Courtney, Brother-in-law Jorge, and of course my super handsome 18 month old nephew Emilio. Courtney is also pregnant with another baby boy due here sometime in early to mid April. I'm a super excited auntie!
I work as a full-time teller at Wells Fargo in Petaluma, California...just a hop, skip and a jump from my house...and I love my job! I am very happy that I decided to come back to the banking industry and plan to be with Wells for a long time!
I am still single. Shocker!
And I am beginning what I hope and plan to be a life changing fitness journey! I may blog about it, I may not...we'll see how things go.

But to begin....Last year I lost 46 pounds between January and June. It was pretty awesome! I honestly wasn't really noticing it until my cousin said, and I quote, "have you lost weight? you're looking...svelt!" (no idea what that means) but it felt awesome!
The truth is...I was standing on the scale always! So I know the pounds were coming off...I just didn't know from where because in the mirror....everything looked the same to me. Then I started taking pictures and comparing them. That's when I noticed that perhaps things really were changing.
In my face, I went from this....
to this....
That was huge to me!
And then there's this lovely picture...
This is a six month difference.

Listen, I know it could have been better...but the point is..it happened! Noticing the difference in my arms was HUGE to me! I have always hated my arms because they are the most difficult thing to disguise or hide. The don't make Spanx for your arms and even if they did I probably couldn't afford them. So I was happy. 

I did an amazing job last year but i'm afraid to admit...it was not all because of my efforts. My job required me to walk two hours a day and my favorite fast food joint was about a thirty minute drive. Don't get me wrong I was grateful for the push! But its time I do it all myself. 
I don't have to walk a dog everyday and Taco Bell is about a 5 minute drive...2 if i'm hungry enough. So what now? 
Well, for one of my New Years Resolutions I vowed to cut out soda. And I did an AMAZING job for about...20 days. :( I've struggled since then but I have not failed. As a former smoker I know these things take time. Unfortunately for me I have an addiction to caffeine. I am blessed with a love of Tea so i'm finding healthier methods of getting my fix....but I still have a love of soda. Damn you Pepsi Co.! Damn you!
Another of my resolutions is to lose more weight. And that's not going to happen in one day either. I'm afraid actually, that I may have gained back some of what I lost...and that's not okay. 
So, its time to get back on the horse. It's time to take control of my life and my body! I don't have an elaborate plan. I don't have a contract with a Crossfit coach and I'm not taking up a Yoga lifestyle. I am, however, going to make healthier choices. I am going to get back into the gym...whatever I do there...the point is i'll be there. 
I love working out and being active! Its just easier to be lazy....well, enough is enough.
All I can say is, wish me luck. And perhaps I will keep you all updated along the way! 

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