My Life Feels Backwards

On a typical work day, most people will rise from their slumber early, in order to prepare for their job. They will take a shower, dress themselves professionally and spend quite a bit of time in front of the mirror making themselves look, at least decent, before they head off to spend time with "the man".
In my case, however, it would be a complete waste of my time, my energy, and my beauty products if I were to do this on a typical work day.
My morning consists of me waking up only five minutes before I need to begin working. I spend that time slipping into a pair of gym shorts and deciding which extra large, white, v-neck, t-shirt I want to wear for the day. The only time I spend in front of the mirror is during the hand washing process, in dim lighting after my morning throne time. Or slipping my hair up into the messiest ponytail the heat and humidity of the day will allow. From there I need merely, to decide, whether I shall wear tennis shoes or flip-flops for the day...usually I go with flip-flops because I can just slip them on in the garage.
After this strenuous morning ritual I walk up the stairs to an area that always seems to be at least twenty degrees hotter than the basement in which I reside, and I begin my work day.
I spend my time, cooking, cleaning, driving, and sweating mostly. Only to come back downstairs late at night to take a shower, pass out and do it again the very next day.
But today is a special day. You see, today is my day off! I don't have anyone to cook for. I have no plans to even think about getting in the car and driving anywhere. And I get to spend the whole day inside, where it is beautifully air conditioned. So today, you see...a day where most people would be lounging around in their sweatpants with greasy hair eating junk food. Or going out and about into the summer sun to do some fun activity that their job usually prevents them from doing...Today, I feel pretty. :)

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