I was stumbling and came across the DIY website (which is fabulous by the way) and it showed me the cutest little craft idea!

Magazine Christmas Trees!!! Love them! And I have plenty of magazines lying around.

I was about half way through my tree when I realized Christmas had just passed. Sad face.

So I came up with a different idea.


If your magazine is big enough the pressure between pages will hold the pictures up just great! Otherwise you can use paper clips to hold them up.

You can spray paint the trees different colors and decorate them other ways if you'd like also....but I kind of like the way it looks just like that! :)

That's my silly niece Ashlyn grace in the pictures by the way. Saving the one on the left for when she brings boys home later in life so that I can embarrass her...i'm such a good Aunt!

My challenge to you is to make your own magazine tree and turn it into something great! Whether you want a picture tree and you want to decorate it or if you have a different idea...I want to see what you all come up with!

Happy Folding!

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